The Futurist Wave is coming to Pingtung!

The futurist wave is coming to Pingtung!
Be ready.
未來潮 : 2020 大山地門當代藝術展即將席捲屏東!

IMCCI students of Professor Manray HSU’s “Curatorial Seminar” in this semester (Spring 2020) are participating in the organization of the upcoming exhibition “Futurist Wave: Contemporary Art from the Greater Sandimen,” curated by Prof. Manray at the Pingtung Art Museum. Divided into overlapping groups, students work closely with the curator on exhibition layout, guidebook publication, documentation, publicity, education programming, spatial design, chronology and library. Through the intensive hands-on experience of making an exhibition, students learn how to bring their ideas and skills into curatorial practices. The exhibition opens on April 17, 2020, and runs through to August 5, 2020.

Check the latest information and artist Profile on Futurist Wave:Contemporary Art from Greater Sandimen ‎大山地門當代藝術展

Published by tnuaimcci

The International Master of the Arts Program in Cultural and Creative Industries (IMCCI) is a broadly based graduate program intended for students who want to start their journey in the Cultural and Creative Industries. Cultural and Creative Industries encompass a wide range of areas and opens up new possibilities for students to take their own profession or passion into this diverse field. This program is an intensive, collaborative master's course that combines analysis of the arts and cultural sector at international and local level. Our students are encouraged to merge creativity and entrepreneurship with the business know-how to get creative ideas off the ground by having the opportunity to participate in the creation of exhibitions, festivals, films and other activities related to this area.

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