GuoJau-Lan Guo (郭昭蘭)
Chairperson, IMCCI
Office of International Affairs Dean
Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts
Independent curator and art critic based in Taipei
Specialties: Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practice
E-mail: jaulanguo@gmail.com

yatin-pngYa-Tin Lin (林亞婷)
Associate Professor, School of Dance
Ph.D. in Dance History and Theory, University of California, Riverside
Specialty: Arts Festivals and Contemporary Dance
E-mail: ytlin@dance.tnua.edu.tw


Chyi-Wen Yang (楊其文)
Professor, Department of Theatre Design and Technology
Specialties: Theatre Design – Stage, Lighting, Management
E-mail: cwyang@performance.tnua.edu.tw




Hsi-Chuan Liu (劉錫權)

Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts
Specialty: Printmaking, Computer Graphic, B & W Photography
Education: MAGFA, Kent Institute of Art & Design, UK
E-mail: liu.hch@gmail.com

chi-fang-pngChi-Fang Chao (趙綺芳)
Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Dance
Ph. D. Dance Studies, University of Surrey, UK
Specialty: Anthropology of Dance, Dance Ethnography, Okinawan Study, Cross-Cultural Performances


Prof. Kay ChiangMin-Chin Chiang (江明親)
Section Chief, Center for Teaching and Learning
Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Architecture and Cultural Heritage
Ph.D. in Archaeology, Leiden University
Specialty:Traditional Arts and Its Transformation
E-mail: kayriver@gmail.com


shaw-pngShaw-Ren Lin (林劭仁)
Dean of Office of Quality Assurance, Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan
Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Arts and Humanities Education
Ph.D. in Education, National Chengchi University
Specialty: Educational Evaluation and Quantitative Study

bor-pngBor-Shuenn Chiou (邱博舜)
Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Architecture and Cultural Heritage
Ph.D. in Architecture, University of Edinburgh, UK
Specialty: History and Theories of Western Architecture, Architectural Historiography and Geomancy

lu-pngHung-Hui Lu (呂弘暉)
Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Arts Administration and Management
Ph.D. in Drama, Texas Tech University
Specialty: Art Management and Marketing

randy-pngRandy Finch
Visiting Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Law, Fordham University, US 
Specialty: Film Producing, Film Marketing, Intellectual Property Rights
E-mail: randy@randyfinch.com

hsin-yen-yuHsin-Yen Yu (余昕晏)
Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Arts and Humanities Education
Ed.D. in Music & Music Education Teachers College, Columbia University
Specialty: Music industries and Arts Administration 
                                           E-mail: hsinyen@ahe.tnua.edu.tw

lai-pngChi-Man Lai (黎志文)
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts
M.F.A. in Sculpture, University of Wyoming
Specialty: Sculpture


141411783357104Chi-Sui Wang (王綺穗)
Assistant Professor, School of Film and New Media
Ph.D. in Fine Art, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Specialty:Experimental Animation, Media Art
E-mail: chisuiwang@gmail.com


mis-panPing-Yu Pan (潘娉玉)
Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts
M.F.A. in Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan
Specialty: Painting, Sketch, Mixed-Media
E-mail: pingyu.arts@gmail.com

34806761_10215992576797921_6971656529082580992_n.jpgI-Wen Chang (張懿文)
Assistant Professor in the International MA Program in Cultural & Creative Industries
Ph.D. in Culture and Performance, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
Specialty: Performance Studies, Culture Studies, Art Marketing, Art Theory and Criticism
E-Mail :iwenchang.tw@gmail.com

tsai-pngTSAI, MENG-CHUN (蔡孟君)
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration of Shih Chien University
Ph. D. in Business Administration, National Chengchi University
Specialty: Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Research Method
E-mail: mengchuntsai@gmail.com

11065360_654591744646457_1091550488_oYu-Hsin Wang (王昱心)
Adjunct Associate Professor in the graduate program in Indigenous Art of National Dong Hwa University
Doctor of Design, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Specialty: Indigenous crafts and art research, education training and handicrafts industries.
E-Mail :yuhsin@gms.ndhu.edu.tw