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Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), located in Kuandu (Guandu), Beitou District, Taipei City, is the first arts university in Taiwan. It has a group of highly accomplished artists who have a strong sense of commitment to educating young talents, and a group of talented students who are passionate about culture and arts.

TNUA currently has seven schools: Music, Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, Dance, Film and New Media, Culture Resources and Humanities. Under them, there are nine departments, nineteen Graduate institutes, five Doctoral programs, and one master’s degree program completely taught in English. This program, the International MA Program in Cultural and Creative Industries (IMCCI), is a unique interdisciplinary program at TNUA.

TNUA has five major art centers, including the Traditional Art Research Center, the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, the Performing Arts Center, the Art Resources and Promotion Education Center, and the Arts and Technology Center. They are dedicated to art research, education promotion, art development, and digital teaching innovation. Top-quality performances and professional stages come from a solid foundation of research. Based on tradition, in the spirit of innovative practice and the breakthrough of art and cross-border are hopes to become a pioneer in the international art world.

Every year, TNUA organizes international Kuandu Arts Festival, KuanDu International Animation Festival, and international Kuan-Du Film festival, which invite renown international artist to participant with a different theme each year.

Adhering to the spirit of “set foot on Guandu, look at the world”, TNUA is not only Taiwan’s leading art school but also the leader of the Asian League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA). Its integrity and comprehensiveness are at home and abroad. Education and practice echo each other and make use of each other to form an excellent field for artistic talented people.

Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA)

Introductory Video (2020)

Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA)

Introductory Video (2018)

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