The International Master of the Arts Program in Cultural and Creative Industries (IMCCI) is a unique interdisciplinary graduate program at the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA). It spans a wide range of courses in the arts and related cultural practices, addressing them from international and local perspectives. Its curriculum incorporates a variety of resources from across the university, as well as the cosmopolitan city of Taipei, where the best of the arts comes together all year round.

Founded in 2011, IMCCI is the only English-taught program in Taipei offering full scholarship within the context of a comprehensive arts university, boasting international faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. Our diverse and professional instructors offer seminars and workshops on the latest concepts and practical experience in the field in order to prepare students for a career in the arts.

Drawing on critical theory and cultural studies, IMCCI provides a foundation in the structure and history of art, and explores practical and theoretical issues facing artists, curators, art entrepreneurs, professionals, and art policy-makers today.

Taipei National University of the Arts is one of the leading contemporary arts institutions in Asia. Unlike other institutions that keep the performing and visual arts separate, you’ll benefit from the collaboration that occurs in this truly interdisciplinary program. While IMCCI belongs to the School of Cultural Resources, you’ll have opportunities to take elective courses across the university, with access to TNUA’s seven Schools: Music, Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, Dance, Film and New Media, Cultural Resources, and Humanities. You’ll also be able to participate in the “Shared Campus” program, a cooperation platform for international education formats and research networks launched by seven arts institutions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kyoto, Lon-don, and Zurich.

Our program is specifically designed for the arts and culture sector, providing research training in contemporary arts and performance, and equipping students with art management strategies for art industries worldwide. The Program is built around 3 key areas: Arts and Humanities Core Theories, Arts and Contemporary Issues, and their application in Knowledge of International Business Management theories and practice. Using a variety of critical frameworks, you’ll investigate contemporary visual and performing arts in both Taiwanese and international contexts, and engage with such pertinent topics as global Indigeneity, the Anthropocene, and the relationship between art and social engagement. We also provide applicative learning opportunities in subjects ranging from curatorial practice to arts management.

Currently, our program receives special funding from the Ministry of Education to support activities related to the University Social Responsibility (USR) program, which allows us to conduct meaningful fieldwork and research on pertinent topics such as Indigeneity in Taiwan, as well as investigate inequality, sustainability, and other related issues discussed in the concept of the Global South. With this special funding, IMCCI students collaborate closely with the Hong-gah Museum, Tjimur Dance Theatre, Bulareyaung Dance Company, Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park, and other professional arts institutions in Beitou (Taipei) and Pingtung.

The academic expertise of our faculty and students forms a diverse and welcoming community, united across cultures by a passion for contemporary arts and performance. Our student population includes young professionals from various backgrounds across five continents. They merge creativity and entrepreneurship, participating in art exhibitions, arts festivals, films, performing arts productions, and many other activities that make up Taipei’s rich cultural landscape. Whether you are seeking a career in the arts or creative industries, or a professional looking to enhance your existing knowledge and career prospects, this program is ideal for you.

IMCCI aims to be a Program for Critical Thinkers and Creative Professionals in Art and Cultural Industries. This program is designed to help you continue to innovate in your field, while providing the curation skills and attributes to bring your art practices to the next level.

Cultural Organization Management Field Trip, PicCollage HQ, 2016

IMCCI Key Benefits

🇭🇳  Two-year MA program taught in English at TNUA, Taiwan’s leading art school and the leader of the Asian League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA)
🇺🇸  Full scholarship available
🇲🇾  An interdisciplinary program with a focus on contemporary visual and performing arts
🇹🇭  Located in Taipei, Asia’s most LGBTQ-friendly city with rich arts and culture industries
🇨🇦  Join the “Critical Ecologies” project under the “Shared Campus” program, cooperatively launched by seven arts institutions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kyoto, London, and Zurich
🇪🇸  University Social Responsibility (USR) funding from the Ministry of Education to conduct fieldwork and research in Indigeneity and the Global South
🇹🇼  Guest lectures from industry professionals and researchers provide up-to-date knowledge of current debates and trends

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