Extracurricular Activities

Critical Thinking and Creative Communication

Every semester, IMCCI students take part in extracurricular activities that help expand their knowledge on local and international creative industries. Museum visits, seminars, day and weekly trips as well as special projects are only a few examples of opportunities students have to talk to professionals and learn, first-hand, about the inner workings and challenges of the industries.

October 2018
Visiting the northerners of the south
Hualien and Taitung field trip

Interaction with arts through an indigenous community: TNUA Fine Arts and IMCC graduate students travel to Eastern Taiwan to explore the unlimited features of contemporary art.

Guided visit to the Makotaai people land arts festival.31

January – December 2018
USR Project 2018 – Events (2018年活動) (content in Chinese)
Education through culture project

In view of the current learning difficulties faced by international education, we try to integrate the existing talents and teaching resources of higher education institutions, and use art as a medium to make good use of them. In 2018 the USR Project with the IMCCI students involved diverse departments within the university as well as local schools.

January – December 2017
USR Project 2017 – Events (2017年活動) (content in Chinese)
Education through culture project

This project aims to resolve the setbacks of promoting global perspectives in the elementary and middle school education in Taiwan, while at the same time provide international graduate students on campus as Human Resources to conduct intercultural communication learning through the arts.

July 2017
出席第十屆亞洲學者國際會議(ICAS 10)以及拜訪朱拉隆功大學 (content in Chinese)
International Asian studies conference

The International Conference of Asian Scholars, also known as The International Convention of Asia Scholars, is the world’s most important and grand platform for the exchange of experts and scholars in the field of Asian studies. This year’s was the 10th session and was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The theme of the “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation guided the discussion through themes such as the development and prospects of Asian culture under the new geopolitics scenario.

April 2017

Guest Talks 專題講座: Lady Boy Cabaret Show and Elephant Dance
Thailand creative industries seminar

Translation, adaptation and rewriting of the cultural activities of the New South-to-National Cultural Exchanges of the Ministry of Culture: Compatibility in Thai Performing Arts.

20170414 泰國朱拉隆宮戲劇系主任Pawit Mahasarinand 專題講座 攝影王世邦_095

April 2017
Chulalongkorn*TNUA_「RaD x T2教學實驗計畫」(content in Chinese)
International partnership between universities

The research project, together with the teaching resources of the Academy of Fine Arts and Applied Sciences of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, jointly planned a three-year “RaD x T2 Teaching Experiment Project”.