ICDF Scholarship



ICDF Scholarship Application Procedure

The annual application period runs, in principle, from 01 January to 16 March.  (subject to change)


Applicants should submit the documents listed below to the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office in their country. Applicants must ensure that they submit accurate and complete documentation; failure to do so will result in the application not being processed.

Please also note: 1. Late submissions will not be accepted and/or processed. 2. All Undergraduate Programs only accept applications submitted by citizens of allied countries of ROC (Taiwan).

  1. A photocopy of applicant’s passport or other document showing proof of nationality.
  2. A photocopy of applicant’s highest-level diploma and academic transcripts.
  3. A photocopy of applicant’s English proficiency certificate.

    Please note: This means a TOEFL test score or that of another recognized English proficiency exam, or documents certifying that the applicant has graduated from a program where all courses were taught in English. Applicants who are unable to provide such proof of English proficiency due to special circumstances may be assessed for English proficiency by an ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office via interview or other forms of testing. Applicants whose official national language is English are exempt from needing to supply these documents.
  4. Two letters of reference.
  5. Any other documents specifically requested by an ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office.

In addition to the above documents requested as part of their scholarship application,
applicants should also submit all documents required by the TaiwanICDF partner university that they are applying to before the admissions deadline of that university. For detailed information on such documents, please refer to the 2017 TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program Brochure.

The ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office will conduct a first review of applicants based on the eligibility requirements and selection criteria of the TaiwanICDF, and then submit their list of recommended applicants to the TaiwanICDF no later than March 31 each year.

A second review of the qualified applicants will be conducted by an academic committee organized by the individual partner university in joint cooperation with TaiwanICDF representatives. Such reviews will be based on each university’s selection criteria, whilst also accounting for the eligibility requirements and selection criteria of the TaiwanICDF.

After the second review has been conducted in cooperation with all partner universities, the TaiwanICDF will announce its list of scholarship recipients, in principle, no later than 30 June each year. Successful applicants will receive an acceptance letter through the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy/ Consulate (General)/ Representative Office to whom they originally applied.

Please note: Gaining admission from the university does not necessarily mean that the applicant has also been given a TaiwanICDF scholarship. Only the applicant who receives the acceptance letter issued by the TaiwanICDF is the scholarship recipient.

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2018 TaiwanICDF International Higher Education Scholarship Program Brochure



TNUA Entry Requirements


Bachelor’s degree either from a domestic university of independent college accredited by Ministry of Education, Taiwan; or from an overseas university or college recognized by Ministry of Education, Taiwan; or an undergraduate qualification accepted by Ministry of Education, Taiwan as equivalent.

All students whose first language, or national official language, is not English must provide recent evidence that their good command of the English language is adequate for the Program.

  • The required evidence should be recently obtained acceptable English language qualification or test result among one of the following:
    TOEFL-iBT 79, IELTS 6.5, TOEIC 750, or BULATS 75 (Level 4).
  • The validity of qualification or test result must be within three years. 


How to Apply

Online Registration & a Register-by-Mail packet

I.  Please register an account via online application system.

II.  Receive the verified e-mail to activate your account. Please notice that sometime the  verified e-mail may be in your e-mail trash box or SPAM box.

III.  Complete on-line application and print out 2 copies. (Signature required)

IV.  Prepare the entry documents and required documents by IMCCI.

V.  Submit application (hard copy) to the International Exchange Center before 06 April. (Postmarked by 06 April, 2017 and any late application will not be processed.) International express service such as DHL or FedEx is recommended for application packets mailed from overseas. Office hour: Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Supporting Documents for Application

You must provide the following supporting documents:

  1. Only application form with one 2-inch bareheaded bust photo.
  2. One photocopy of passport.
  3. Four copies of study plan (2,000 words max.), including a cover page, paginated index, summary, study goals, literature review, research methods and bibliography. On the cover page please list title of the plan, the applicant’s name, nationality and latest degree.
  4. Four copies of resume and autobiography: resume should include educational background and working experience (preferable verified).
  5. Four copies of career plan (describe your personal career plan within five years of graduating from the program).
  6. Four copies of the highest academic degree or current enrollment certificate (with one original copy). The diploma should be in Chinese or English and verified by the R.O.C. (Taiwan) Embassy/Consulate/Representative Office in the country the document is issued.
  7. Four copies of the highest academic degree updated transcript in English (with one official copy). The official copy should be in Chinese or English and verified by the R.O.C. (Taiwan) Embassy/Consulate/ Representative Office in the country the document is issued.
  8. Four copies of master-level English proficiency (with one official copy): the certificate (validity within three years) must be above TOEFL-iBT 79, IELTS 6.5, TOEIC 750, or BULATS 75 (Level 4). Applicants are exempt from this requirement if from countries whose official language is English.

* The content of item 3~5 should be expressed only in English. Item 3~8 required four copies of each set of documents. They are to be of A4 size and accordingly bound together.


Find out more about Applying

Please visit the following websites for further information about the study program and application.