IMCCI Programme Activities

June 2020
“Foreigners in Beitou” in Worlding Arts, Dance, and Performance Syllabus
~ Author by Sean Hsu ~

June 2020
The Art and Cultural Organization Management course visited The Cube Project Space
~ Lecturer: Curator Yi-Cheng Sun and the manager Jeph Lo kindly~

June 2020
A special workshop in IMCCI: From Creative Ideas To Effective Art Teaching Plans
~ Lecturer: Dr. Chu-Yun Wang (the University of Exeter. Ph.D. in education)~

May 2020
IMCCI students shared their experiences living and studying abroad in TNUA
~ Students: Rodrigo, Melody, Andrea, and Elliott ~

May 2020
The Art an Cultural Organization Management course joined ceramics painting workshop in Beitou temple保德宮
~ Lecturer: 王正雄(陶瓷彩繪及製作師傅、北投老陶瓷廠-力固企業有限公司創辦人)~

May 2020
The Art an Cultural Organization Management course visited Cloud Gate dance theatre
~ Guided by audience development & outreach coordinator, Marjana Huang. Additionally, Jack, a former cloud gate dancer, and alumni of TNUA ~

May 2020
Frank Huang shares his art management experience on “Art and cultural organization management” course
~ Lecturer: Frank Huang, CEO of double-grass company (organizer of Taipei Art Book Fair), and executive director of Polymer ~

May 2020
Masingkiay: lecture/workshop by indigenous artist 陳彥斌, 林源祥, and 軟硬倍事
~ Sponsored by 張懿文老師教育部教學實踐研究計畫「世界化藝術、舞蹈與表演」 ~

May 2020
Arts and Cultural Organization Management course visited Taipei Backstage Pool
~ Lecturer: The director of Taipei Performing Art Center, Austin Wang ~

May 2020
”What is Butoh? Avant-garde dance that was born in Japan” workshop
~ Speaker: Emiko Agatsuma (principal butoh dancer from 大駱駝艦 DaiRakudaKan) ~

March 2020
Brown Bag Forum : Vandalism as Ephemeral Art – A Primer on Graffiti Art and Culture
~ Presentation from Bryan Fisher ~

March 2020
Arts and Cultural Organization Management course visited international organizations
~ OISTAT 國際劇場組織, 竹圍工作室 Bamboo Curtain Studio and Center for Innovation Taipei ~

March 2020
Foreigners in Beitou – Performance at Hong-Gah Museum
~ Beitou Local Postures Collecting Project ~
IMCCI X 許生翰 Sean Hsu

photos by Yip & I-Wen Chang

December 2019
Experiencing the Trap: Exploring Cultural and Creative Spaces In Southern Taiwan day 1 & day 2
~ Two-Day Field Trip to Kaohsiung & Pingtung, Critical Thinking and Creative Communication class ~

photos by Warangtip Emmy Singhakarn & Larissa Soto

December 2019
Hua-Guang & Shao-Xing Communities Visit
~ Field Trip to Taipei – Art, Society and Cultural Consumption class ~

photos by Sean Hsu

November 2019
Brand Extensions and Corporate Museums – Alberto Campagnolo
~ International Lecture ~

Alberto talk poster no print_page-0001

November 2019
Cultural Indigenous Experience with the Atayal Tribe
Betrust in the Mountains: Llyung Topa Visit
(Chinese Version)
~ Field Trip to Lyung Topa – Art, Society and Cultural Consumption class ~

photos by Yesenia Aquino

October 2019
An Kang prison, where Justice Decayed (content in Chinese)
~ Field Trip to An Kang – Art, Society and Cultural Consumption class ~

photos by Yesenia Aquino

May 2019
Contemporary Indigenous Art from Southern Taiwan
~ Field Trip to Sandimen – Performing Arts in Local and International Contexts class ~

The trip to Pingtung was part of the “Performing Arts in Local and International Contexts” class taught by professor I-Wen Chang. The goal was to immerse students in the most recent production of visual artists and contemporary dancers of Paiwan and Rukai background or inspired by those people’s cultures.

The exhibition “When Kacalisian culture meets the vertical city — contemporary art from greater Sandimen” (當斜坡文化遇到垂直城市—大山地門當代藝術展) was curated by TNUA professor Manray Hsu (徐文瑞) and included 17 artists of different generations, artistic styles, and backgrounds.

Read more

photos by Larissa Soto Hermández

April 2019
Critical Ecologies: Body & Indigeneity – A Shared Campus programme
~ Four-day Workshop ~

video by Yip Ming Hoe

A Shared Campus programme: Zurich University of the Arts, Taipei University of the Arts, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and City University of Hong Kong.

Course Instructor | Yatin Lin, TNUA Professor

November 2018
Brand Extensions and Corporate Museums – Alberto Campagnolo
~ International Lecture and Workshop ~

003 brand extensions alberto poster - horizontal-01

In a two-day workshop, Alberto helps students create a roadmap for thinking through lectures and group assignments to develop brand communication in a dynamic and effective manner. The workshop helps students study how to use and re-create, creating brands for the art world, including corporate institutional museums, and creating true stories of brands.


October 2018
Visiting the Northerners of the South
拜訪南方的北方人 (Chinese version)
~ Field Trip to Hualien and Taitung ~

Interaction with arts through an indigenous community: TNUA Fine Arts and IMCC graduate students travel to Eastern Taiwan to explore the unlimited features of contemporary art.

October 2018
Art & Science Interactions in Society/Art & Ethics – Lucas Evers
~ International Lecture and Workshop ~

There is a still growing interest of artists to work with living materials, with living organisms, with living systems. These works are 1) always performative by nature of the living and acting component and 2) always hold the responsibility of taking care of the living element. That responsibility brings about moral and ethical elements within the artwork, in cases closely related to the ethical elements that are evaluated by ethics expert panels in scientific research.


July 2017
Attending the 10th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 10) & Chulalongkorn University in Thailand  (content in Chinese)
~ International Asian Studies Conference ~

The International Conference of Asian Scholars, also known as The International Convention of Asia Scholars, is the world’s most important and grand platform for the exchange of experts and scholars in the field of Asian studies. This year’s was the 10th session and was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The theme of the “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation guided the discussion through themes such as the development and prospects of Asian culture under the new geopolitics scenario.


April 2017
Lady Boy Cabaret Show & Elephant Dance – Two Guest Speakers from Thailand
~ Thailand Creative Industries Seminar ~

Translation, adaptation and rewriting of the cultural activities of the New South-to-National Cultural Exchanges of the Ministry of Culture: Compatibility in Thai Performing Arts.

20170414 泰國朱拉隆宮戲劇系主任Pawit Mahasarinand 專題講座 攝影王世邦_095

April 2017
Chulalongkorn & TNUA “RaD x T2 教學實驗計畫” (content in Chinese)
~ International Partnership between Chulalongkorn University & TNUA ~

The research project, together with the teaching resources of the Academy of Fine Arts and Applied Sciences of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, jointly planned a three-year “RaD x T2 Teaching Experiment Project”.

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