About IMCCI Program

This program is an intensive, collaborative master’s course of study that combines analysis of the arts and cultural sector in global and Asian contexts. Our students are encouraged to synthesize knowledge to participate in the creation of exhibitions, festivals, performances, and other activities related to arts and culture.

Founded in 2011, IMCCI is the only program in the world that explores Taiwanese culture in the context of the arts, and the endeavors of the Taiwanese private and public sectors toward the cultural and art industries. With more and more organizations each day contributing to the growth of these sectors in Taiwan, the master’s degree examines real cases and brings you up close with successful professionals working in this field. Students graduating from this program, while gaining insight from cases in their own or other countries, will understand the inner workings of what has made Taiwan so prominent in this industry and why it is becoming well-known for its products around the world.

As the premier program in Taiwan for art professionals to connect, train, and bring their ideas into reality, IMCCI is the indisputable choice for accelerating your creative aspirations.

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