IMCCI Program Introduction


This program is an intensive, collaborative master’s course that combines analysis of the arts and cultural sector at international and local level. Our students are encouraged to merge creativity and entrepreneurship with the business know-how to get creative ideas off the ground by having the opportunity to participate in the creation of exhibitions, festivals, films and other activities related to this area.



It is our responsibility to choose the most diverse and creative professional around the world in order to develop a more challenging atmosphere where everyone can learn from each other, learn new skills and listen to different points of view about the world and how to improve our surroundings through art and the cultural and creative industries. Our graduate program is dedicated and benefits from a great variety of students, diverse in background, culture, economic status, race, ethnicity as well as work and life experiences that contributes to different perspectives and points of view. Our alumni have come from all parts of the world, from countries like, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, the Netherlands, United States of America, South Korea, the Philippines and the Gambia.

Moreover, this is the only program in the world that explores Taiwanese culture and the endeavors of the Taiwanese private and public sector towards the Cultural and Creative Industries. With more and more organizations opening each day trying to improve this sector in Taiwan, the master’s degree explores real cases and interviews successful professionals working in this field. Students graduating from this program will have the basic comprehension of what has made Taiwan so prominent in this industry and why it is becoming well-known for its products around the world, alongside new knowledge in case from their own countries or other countries.