Scholarships to Study in IMCCI

There are some scholarships which can help support you financially with your studies in IMCCI. They are offered by Taiwan ICDF (International Cooperation and Development Fund), Ministry of Education , and a number of other public organisations. You can use the search tool available on every page of this site to find scholarships, along with contact details for the institution providing the scholarship.

Here is information about some of the major scholarships programs available for international students:

1. ICDF Scholarship


2. MOE Taiwan Scholarship


3. Elite Study In Taiwan (for the South-Eastern Asian Students)


4. Rotary Club of Taipei Guandu Scholarship for TNUA Turkish Students
(Open every 2 years)



IEC Scholarship

After arriving in Taiwan…
International Students who have officially registered at TNUA and have not received any other full scholarship may apply for scholarships with outstanding academic or professional performance.

TNUA Scholarship for International Students (every semester)

TNUA International Students Scholarship (sponsored by MOE, on irregular basis)

* Note: this is a partial scholarship, financed by Taipei National University of the Arts, students cannot apply for the IEC Scholarship until their second year. *

For international students, please refer to both links “International Students” and “Taiwan ICDF Scholarship” or “MOE Scholarship”. If you want to apply for IMCCI program with the Taiwan ICDF scholarship or Taiwan MOE, then please make sure that you fill out both TNUA IMCCI application and ICDF Online application or MOE application.