Beitou in your Eyes Collaboration

15 May 2019 Beitou Primary School and IMCCI students meet for an afternoon of sharing The partnership between IMCCI and Beitou Primary School (北投國小) for this semester was planned in line with the “Bodies in Beitou” project. As IMCCI students prepare their “Bodies in Beitou” project, they had the opportunity to learn about Beitou fromContinue reading “Beitou in your Eyes Collaboration”

Discovering Beitou Through the Senses

20 March 2019 Hong-Gah Museum Field Trip   The second field trip within the “Bodies in Beitou” program had professors I-Wen Chang and Hsi-Chuan Liu introduce IMCCI students to the Hong-Gah Museum and its current exhibition: “Beitou Local Flavors Collecting Project”. The museum occupies the 11th floor of a commercial building in Daye Road andContinue reading “Discovering Beitou Through the Senses”

Railways, Hot Springs and History in Xinbeitou

13 March 2019 Beitou Storyteller Field Trip “Bodies in Beitou” is the common thread along a series of activities for IMCCI students throughout the first half of 2019. The theme is the starting point for next year’s (2020) exhibition at the Hong-Gah museum, in a partnership between the museum and Taipei National University of theContinue reading “Railways, Hot Springs and History in Xinbeitou”