USR Project Activities

University Social Responsibility Project (USR Project)

The University Social Responsibility Project (USR Project) is conducted by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan (MOE) and its mission is to cultivate talents and connect them with local communities.

Through this project, MOE supports universities in the development of regional characteristics as well as visions for the future. Universities and colleges are encouraged to invest their resources and expertises to support the development of local communities and schools.  

The main focus is to integrate relevant knowledge, technology and resources into real social issues of the regions the universities are present. By enhancing urban and rural innovation and by cultivating and generating employment, the USR Project hopes to sustain the long-term development of the cultural industries in Taiwan.

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June 2019
Body, Ecology and Local Practice
~ 2019 USR Project Event – IMCCI x USR Exhibition ~

Opening 開幕 | 15:30 Monday, 17 June 2019

Exhibition 展覽 | 17 – 21 June 2019

Venue 地點 | Office of International Affairs Communication Centre, TNUA   國立臺北藝術大學國際書苑


201905 USR exhibition d



May 2019
Beitou in your Eyes Collaboration
~ 2019 USR Project Event – IMCCI & Beitou Primary School Intercultural Sharing Event ~

The IMCCI programme worked in collaboration with Beitou Primary School for this term’s USR project event.  Students from both sides shared what and how they think about “Beitou”, presenting their own topics and sharing their ideas from various aspects.  It also provided IMCCI students an opportunity to learn more about the area from the local students, which is part of the preparation for their “Bodies in Beitou” project.

photos by Cecile Kao



May 2019
Artist Talk “Body as Object” – Heidi Voet

Voet works has often employed everyday objects as an agent to redirect our attention to the under-noticed reality of economic and power imbalance in our society. Retaining a critical yet humorous quality in her practices, she has realised multidisciplinary projects and works often through labour-intensive production processes. By sharing her inside thought on her practices, we experience the process of how the idea been develop such as how physical movement of a City can transform to an artwork by using different materials and placement of artwork.

Heidi Voet website:

Written and photo by Yip Ming Hoe



May 2019
Presentation in “Action Study in International Art Networks”

The students from our programme was invited to the University’s “Action Study in International Art Networks” course, sharing their experiences about studying and living abroad.  Six IMCCI students from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua volunteered and delivered presentations in their own perspective, talking about how they make friends in a new environment, different culture shocks they have experienced and how they observe and adapt to the way of living here in Taiwan.

photos by Cecile Kao



March 2019
Discovering Beitou Through the Senses
~ 2019 USR Project Field Trip – Hong-Gah Museum, “Beitou Local Flavors Collecting Project” tour ~

In order to continue the research of “Bodies in Beitou”, the theme of the University Social Responsibility Project in 2019, the students visited “Beitou Local Flavors Collecting Project” exhibition in Hong-Gah Museum.  The exhibition tour was guided by the museum curator, Zoe, who showed us an array of collaborative projects between the museum and various organisations and artists.

photos by Cecile Kao



March 2019
Railways, Hot Springs and History in Xinbeitou
~ 2019 USR Project Field Trip – A Tour with “Beitou Storyteller” ~

A historical tour guided by “Beitou Storyteller”, introducing the history of Beitou area and how its unique hot spring culture developed.

photos by Cecile Kao



June 2018

2018 USR Project Exhibition

Taipei National University of The Arts & Tamsui Elementary School Cross-cultural USR Project Exhibition




January – December 2018
2018 USR Project Events  (content in Chinese)
~ Education through Culture Project ~

In view of the current learning difficulties faced by international education, we try to integrate the existing talents and teaching resources of higher education institutions, and use art as a medium to make good use of them. In 2018 the USR Project with the IMCCI students involved diverse departments within the university as well as local schools.

2018 IMCCI students and Tamsui Elementary School students



January – December 2017
2017 USR Project Events   (content in Chinese)
~ Education through Culture Project ~

This project aims to resolve the setbacks of promoting global perspectives in the elementary and middle school education in Taiwan, while at the same time provide international graduate students on campus as Human Resources to conduct intercultural communication learning through the arts.